Dental Crowns at Dentist on Waverley

Restorative option that are ideal for creating a gorgeous smile with healthy-looking, natural teeth.

Sometimes a tooth gets weakened so much by decay, accidents, previous root canal treatment or wear over time that a crown is required. A crown (or cap) fits over the existing natural tooth and replaces the natural crown, the part of the tooth seen above the gum line.

Porcelain or ceramic crowns will be custom-made and matched to the colour of your natural teeth to restore your beautiful smile and enhance functionality of your bite.

At Dentist on Waverley, you’ll find the dental solutions that suit the needs of your whole family. If you have sustained damage to your smile, you may have teeth that are broken down or missing. If so, we can provide crowns that will help you feel proud of your smile again.

Usually two appointments are required. On your first visit we will trim your tooth, take an impression and place a temporary crown to protect that tooth. On your second visit the temporary crown will be removed and the permanent crown is cemented in. Having a crown made is a worthwhile investment as it can significantly improve your smile while protecting your tooth in the long term.

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Depending on the health of the underlying tooth, crowns can last for many years. Ask our Experienced & Friendly Dentists if a crown is the right solution for your dental issues.

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